Where can I file a FAFSA application?

There are many options for preparing and filing a FAFSA application.

Due to the importance of the application, many people choose to file with the assistance of a professional FAFSA Preparer. However, you may also use the free options below.

You may file a paper copy of the FAFSA by downloading the ten-page form from the Department of Education website, printing it, filling it out, and mailing it to the address on the form. Note that the mailing address differs depending on the academic year of the form.

You may file a digital version of the document also at the Department of Education website. To use this method, you will need to separately apply for an FSA ID at the Federal Student Aid PIN website.

You may consult your school's financial aid administrator for help. Call your school's financial aid office to make an appointment, and don't forget to bring all appropriate identification and financial records.

However you choose to file your FAFSA, you will find it helpful to have the federal school code number for each school that you wish to receive your financial aid application information.

FAFSA Federal School Code Lookup

Enter the name of your school to view its federal school code and other details such as contact information, academic programs, and more.